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LV Yachting - Global Cape 31 Charter Partner

31 North and the Cape 31 Class have teamed up with LV Yachting as Official Recommended Global Charter Partners.

Lucy Jackson, owner of LV Yachting, has over 10 years experience in delivering racing yacht charters. Lucy and her team work with our owners and clients to make sure they have the right contracts in place, logistics planned and protections for a successful charter.

Lucy can work with owners to list their boats if they cannot make an event and would like to make their boat available. She can also work with prospective charterers if there's a specific event you'd like to on a Cape 31 to find a boat available.

This summer LV Yachting worked with Gallivanter and put charters on her for the Vice Admirals Cup, Round 3, IRC Nationals, and the Round the Island Race. Over winter they are working with Adrenaline to put charters on her around the owner's use in the Caribbean. LV Yachting has also facilitated several American charters for the Southernmost Regatta in Key West.

We're really excited for this collaboration and to get more people out sailing on Cape 31's! Try before you buy or just rock up and race! Check out LV Yachting to get involved.

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