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The next generation in yachting is coming to New Zealand shores

Hailed by all as the next generation in global one design sailing, the Cape 31 is now coming to New Zealand shores. The Cape 31, now with more than seventy yachts racing worldwide, is the fastest growing fleet in the world and presents a compelling opportunity to revamp New Zealand sailing as we know it. 

Throughout history, New Zealand has proudly upheld a tradition of formidable one-design keelboat from the esteemed days of the IOR to the stalwart classes like the Stewart 34s, Farr 1020s, MRXs, and Young 88s. Yet while these classes have served us well, many have operated under loose one-design specifications, therefore it is an opportune time to usher in a new era of modern keelboat one design racing. 

Working in collaboration with 31 North Yachting, kiwi sailor and project manager Aaron Reynolds-Lovegrove, will be at the forefront of the management of the Cape 31 fleet in New Zealand and official agent. Drawing on his experience as both a professional sailor and boat captain, the fleet owners will benefit not only from some of the best racing the world has to offer, but also from a shared service model which makes ongoing service, maintenance and development more accessible, cost effective and manageable for the many owners. 

What sets the Cape 31 apart is its liberation from rating rule restrictions, facilitating exhilarating downwind performance balanced with competitive upwind speeds. The adherence to a strict one design class rule ensures equitable competition, prioritising the prowess of sailors, coupled with the opportunity to cultivate a community which nourishes the shared advancement fosters the next generation in kiwi sailors to take the next step into keel boat sailing and elevating the calibre of racing in New Zealand. With Cape 31 easily transported in a container, international racing is now closer than ever before. 

Cape 31 Class at Cowes Week 2023

31 North Yachting are behind the success of the class both in the UK and Meditteranean having sold the first yacht and more than sixty since to new owners looking for the next generation in yachting. As the momentum continues to build in Australia (with five yachts now sailing and their first National Championships set to be held at this year’s Hamilton Island Race Week), Europe, the United States and the UK, we welcome the opportunity to bring excitement back to yachting in New Zealand. 

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Aaron Reynolds-Lovegrove. 

Aaron Reynolds-Lovegrove

022 101 8711 

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