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Cape 31 'Full Noise' Trailer

Cape 31 'Full Noise' Trailer

Thinking about taking your Cape 31 on tour?


This is the perfect solution, the trailer that does it all. From low mode to tilt mode to high cradle mode. Includes a groundbreaking 'lazy susan' for the keel that allows you to wind the keel into the boat. 


Price EX VAT


EU Certified

Owners Manual

Lazy Susan for the keel that rotates, moves for and aft, and winds up and down

Removable fore and aft legs for storage

3 Stage Hydraulic Rams

Mast Stowage on deck of boat with custom moulded stands

4X composite moulded Chafe protectors for rachet straps

Rachet Straps



  • Tech Specs

    Gross weight of 3500kg

    Unladen weight of 1440 kg

    Carrying capacity of 2060 kg

    Built in Cradle and Splashes

    Hydraulic/Electric Tilting

    Lazy Susan for keel storage. Moves laterally/horizonally and rotates/tilts

    Four wheel

    Two axles

    Sealed Bearings

    Stainless steel brake cables

    Heavy Duty cast hitch

    Locking hitch

    Heavy Duty 48mm ribbed jockey wheel

    All Lighting included

    EU Type Approval

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